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Goldmine slurry modelling

Good day,

I am planning to model wear on a diverging wye Tee that is used to split slurry flow. My process fluid is gold slurry from my grinding circuit. The slurry has 60% solids by wt and the particle size is 160micron. Is it possible to model slurry with solids concentration and particulate size?

Hi @WalterM4LJ,

currently you can model discrete phases (incl. aggregation and separation) within fluids. This is something on the SimScale roadmap though and you can vote for it here

to help prioritize this feature for development.



Thanks David. We need this feature.

Maybe the post is old but it could serve other people.
You can use newtonian or no newtonian model for CFD model (is not necesary use particles or DPM)

Tails are considered to have a Newtonian behavior up to approximately 68% solids concentration by weight, above this value their behavior is non-Newtonian, generally modeling as Bingham plastic. This can be seen in the green background graph (for copper tailings and for gold tailings in the white background chart) where for Cp values ​​lower than 68%, the measured properties show negligible
Copper Tailing

Gold Tailing

to determine the properties of density and viscosity you can use the book Solid-Liquid Flow Slurry Pipeline Transportation by Edward J. Wasp, p. 46-47.

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