Glitching post-process

Could someone take a look at this run and tell me if you can get it to plot any results? The first time I post-process after the run completes (I’ve tried this with two different runs), I can’t plot any results but I can see the model with the appropriate timestamp. I also can’t change timestamps.

If I reload, it hangs on the loading progress bar:

I’ve tried:
Looking at known good results from other simulations - works fine
Clearing browser cache
Both Firefox and Chrome

Hi @jhartung

Just hide the yplus from the result section(by clicking on the globe like symbol :laughing:) and the result will load.


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Wow, great knowledge gained from that answer.

There should be a message when this is stuck!!!

@jhartung sorry this is all happening to you…

But I need yPlus!
@DaleKramer save your sympathy… I bring these things on myself :sweat:

I lost Y+ too, tried to change time step and was making headway until locked up again :wink:

Oh, so maybe really is a glitch? You can’t get Y+ to plot either?
I’m working on mesh independence as the final touches for my yawing moment result coming out of this Thrush project. Need Y+ to show the result works/doesn’t work regardless of wall function or not.

side note I’m back to 99% BLs when I drop back to 5 to 7 layers. Oh I missed wall functions.

When stuck that time I closed browser tab, re-clicked on your link above and now Y+ and pressure appears in results and aircraft shows pressure and isovolume of pressure after this long (from my last post) …

Pretty weird but you should be going again :slight_smile:

Actually the problem is that when you have made your yplus contour(on entire plane surface) at one time and tries to open it at a later point of time, then it’s not able to render the colorful surface(i.e. yplus contour) and is consuming a lot of time. Thus removing the yplus will let your result to load easily. You can again toggle the yplus option once the results have loaded.

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But after I deleted the isovolume of pressure and was left with only Y+ result, I have not figured out how to display Y+ that is left…

This is fun. Maybe someday I can help you guys with your projects too.
I’ve got a calico airplane at time 450 and only yPlus enabled. Still not displaying but I’ll keep waiting.

Ha, I too am just waiting for Y+ to plot, but ZERO screen indication that anything is happening here :frowning:

The plane still shows isovolume pressure map and I only have Y+ in results…

Still waiting. I’m thinking @anirudh2821998 might be on to something. If I inspect a single element it lists step as Time 0.0000 when the time step indicator at the bottom left says 450.00000. Feels like a bug to me…

Yep, remember, couple posts ago I said it locked up trying to change time step…

Not sure how to get more help here right at the moment other than more

Well luckily I’ve got a feeling for Y+ on this particular experiment so I think I’m comfortable working from the force plots but I certainly don’t want to convert this to my very first Power Post until I can get those Y+ images… lest I look foolish.

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Hey Josh & Dale!

Good observation! It should not get stuck in the first place. The cause of this has already been identified we are now investigating!



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YAY! Another win for the Mighty Morphin PowerUsers!


@jousefm sir, Is the issue regarding the plot viewer solved?? Andreas has been stuck in that problem for many days.


Hi Ani!

Will take a bit (minimum 1 week) as this is also dependent on other factors. Please be patient :slight_smile: