Getting the Forces to appear properly

First off, the SimScale support has got to be the greatest support I have seen on any CAD type software so I will most definitely be buying the software.

Second, I am curious how to get accurate numbers for the forces. I don’t exactly know if what I’m seeing is correct or how to read the data at all but I would like to know.

Additionally, can someone please inform me if any of the numbers I have for any of the testing actually make sense. I am not confident that I did the testing totally correctly and this would be amazing if I could get some feedback. Thanks so much!

Can I please get some help if possible? Thanks.

Hi @davidmurphy ,

Thanks for the feedback! I will forward it to our support team. They would be happy to hear that.

I am unfortunately away from my PC now, but here is an article I would suggest going through to check if the Force and moment coefficient setup is correct. Why Are My Lift And Drag Coefficients Too Big/Small? | SimScale

I would check the drag and lift directions according to your model to get correct values. I can check your setup by tomorrow morning and give additional pointers if its ok.

With Kind Regards,

It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve had a positive experience with SimScale support, and your decision to purchase the software is a testament to its excellence. For accurate force measurements, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand and interpret the simulation data.