Getting temperature data for heat sink

Hey everyone. I’ve made a heatsink simulator project, here’s the link: SimScale

I’ve been able to download and visualise it in paraview, but I am struggling to extract numerical data from it. Specifically, I want to extract the temperature of one point on the heat sink for each timeframe on the simulation. When I try to extract it by point and plot it over time on para view it simply plots the blockID but not the temperature. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi there, this is Fillia :slight_smile:

I gave this a try:

Maybe the point you chose is not part of the model?

You can recreate for other timesteps too.

However, you can add a Point data set under the Result control and rerun the case instead. Then you will have the temperature on the specific point over time after the simulation is finished.

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Hey, thank you so much for replying! As you may have guessed I am kind of new to ParaView. I have the probe set up as you have shown and when I run the simulation I can see the changes in real time, but I am not sure how I can record all of them in separate rows without going over each timestep manually. I didn’t really understand the last sentence, where you explained that with the ‘Result Control.’ Could you please explain that to me? Once again, thank you so much for you help.

You can add a new point data set like this, prior to your run:

After the run, you will have all the temperature data for this specific point.