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Get Selected Geometry Information in Viewer

Hi SimScalers,

It would be nice to be able to check geometrical properties in the viewer for a selected entity, for example:

  • If I select an edge, show the length numeric value,
  • If I select a circular edge, show the radius,
  • If I select a face, show the area of the face,
  • If I select a body, show the volume value,
  • If I select a point, show the coordinates of the point
  • If I select a planar face, show the normal vector

The numerical value could be shown in a tooltip next to the selected entity or in a fixed area at the bottom of the screen.

I think this would give a lot of help in setting up simulations, for example:

  • Calculating point coordinates for remote boundary conditions
  • Using areas to calculate fluid or heat rates
  • Using areas to calculate distributed loads
  • Using volumes to calculate weights
  • Using volumes to calculate fluid exchange rates
  • Anything similar you could imagine!

Please vote if you like the idea, comment if you want to add something or ask a question.

Hope this can be implemented in the platform and that it grows better every day.

Hi @ggiraldo,

I would definitely vote for this but all my votes have been tied up for years on items yet to come (Shells, Beams, Local coordinates systems, etc).

To your suggestions I would also add measuring the distance between two entities. It would be very useful to measure gap distances or between two entities to determine mesh size.



Thanks a lot for the feedback guys!

@cjquijano, can you test if you got more votes now? I changed the available number of votes.



Hmm yes! That would be great. Something similar to how OnShape does it would be perfect, though not easy to implement.

Saves needing to download geometries and then checking them natively in CAD itself.

Great suggestion! Have my vote :smiley:


Thanks! I can vote again!