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Geometry Reported Issues

I just imported a component into SimScale and got a warning. But the warning seems vague and generic, where can I find information about what this means and how to resolve it.

Warning: “Geometry import reported body check errors. In case you face issues in meshing consider cleanup operations in your CAD tool.”

My project here

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi @klewis
I think it’s your third topic in the forum recently. Happy to see your enthusiasm.:grinning::smiley:
I suggest you to kindly go through the following documentation, also i recommend you defeaturing of your CAD model, its way too complex for meshing.


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HI @klewis
There was a couple of problem in your setup.

  1. in your geometry there were lots of parts was intersecting so, remove that first.
  2. trying to reduce meshing refinement so you cant face memory problem.
    if you require any help in future contact me at any time.:wink: