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Geometry for porous region

I want to use porous region to simulate the pressure drop when the flow is going through radiator. As it is described in tutorial ( I have created a Box Geometry Primitive for the radiators geometry. The problem now is that I cannot select it in the Porous medium definition. It seems that only the Cartesian Box can be used here. As the radiator is not aligned to the coordinates Cartesian Box is rather a poor choice. Is there a way to overcome this problem?

Hi @akosior,

you can pick arbitrary shapes now by creating a cellZone based on a solid during mesh generation. So the rough steps are:

  • Create an additional solid in your CAD model for whatever your porous zone will be
  • During mesh gen with the “Hex dominant parametric” mesh operation, add a surface refinement for that specific solid and set the “Create cellZone” option to “True”
  • This will generate a cell zone within the mesh that you can later use during the sim setup to assign your porous media to

Regarding different geometry primitives, I’ll check the workflow you described and get back to you asap.