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Geometry design update of Onshape model

Taking this feature request here as it was mentioned in another category by @ggonzalez:

There would be multiple options for this feature, e.g.

  • Updating the model and propagating the changes in the complete workflow while clearly marking results that are based on the old model
  • Adding the new design and allowing to change the domain in e.g. mesh setups, simulations, post-processings while mapping the assignments of e.g. boundary conditions automatically.
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This would be good if it were a two way thing. If this were possible we might be able to optimise a design i.e. various parameter could be defined which alter the geometry, SimScale could alter these parameters, run the workflow (meshing, predefined simulation) look at the results and decide if the parameter change made it better or worse and do another iteration. I don’t know how much is possible with the OnShape API.

Just putting the thought out there :slight_smile:

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Hi Darren,

this one would definietly boost the utopia of full cloud based CAE! And it would be a big leap forward for both SimScale and Onshape.

So I support this idea!

Best regards,

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