Geometries (...and Onshape)

Brand-new user here.

I’ve been having problems working with OnShape - but I don’t think this is specific to onshape.

My OnShape project (or my “Part Studio” has multiple objects or entities). I only want to pull ONE object in.

Problem 1: If I use the Simscape UI and select the specific part - it always winds up pulling in all the parts (and even other objects) in the Part Studio.

Problem 2: If I cleverly try to remediate this problem by doing an “Edit CAD” in Simscale and delete the umwanted objects - the deleted objects still show up in the simulation project/workspace

Problem 3: Even crazier - after doing #2 - sometimes the preview of the project will still (correctly) only show the ONLY part I have left. Or if I go BACK into the “Edit CAD”, there will be only the ONE part left. But in the Simulation workspace, there is still ALL the parts (even the ones I deleted. It’s like something is out-of-sync, or needs to be “refreshed”.

I have had this same problem in two different projects.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


In the OnShape import window, you can explore your Part Studio by using the tree on the left. This will allow you to select a specific Part document or a part inside.

On the CAD Edit mode, perhaps you have not clicked the Export button? It takes a while to import the modified model in the workbench, please wait.

I did not hit “export” - I will try that. But I definitely DID only select the specific part within the part studio on import - both times.


Did this work out OK in the end? I think some of the import issues should now be sorted out.
The ‘CAD Mode’ part isn’t yet, but will be soon :grinning: