Gas mixing analysis

Hello, I am currently trying to set up a model where i can simulate the mixture of 3 gasses from 3 different inlets merging in to a single tube. I have figured that I can use multiphase analysis for this problem and define 3 different phases with each of the gasses that i want to use. However I would like to inject these gasses at room temperature to a heated up pipe where i want convection to heat up the gasses during the flow. For such a problem what should be my approach? Is this possible in Simscale?

Hello @ctuncer , and thanks for reaching out to us via Forum!

Iā€™m afraid thermal effects in multiphase simulations cannot be considered yet. Please feel free to have a look at the SimScale Roadmap, where you can see the products that are being developed, under consideration, and already implemented. You can input new ideas and vote for existing ones there.

Best wishes, Kaan

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