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Funnel and ball simulation


I want to do the CFD simulation of the funnel and ball, what turbulence model suits the most and how to assign the air?


Hi @BBenny!

You can select the whole domain of your funnel as Air and make sure that the material point is not inside your ball. Do you have any reference data for this simulation? You have several options for turbulence models and to say this model will solve this case 100% accurate is the wrong approach. If no data are available you can test with various models if the results are what you would expect.

A small guide from my friend Serkan can be found here: Turbulence Models on SimScale - some models perform better than others but there is no universal model that covers everything (fortunately or unfortunately, however you want to interpret it).

Let us know if you have any further questions on your setup!



Well… I don’t have any references, I will stick with the k-w sst and see what happen.
I stuck with the mesh building and the air inside, those problems were solved thanks to Jon.