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FSAE Meshing Error


I am working on my simulation but the mesh refusing to be generated and there is no message about the reason of the problem. All what is written in the message is " There is an error occurred during meshing " . And this my project link :

Does anyone know the reason of this type of error in meshing operation ?

Hi Mohamed!

Two things.

  1. Your geometry is not watertight in the first place so that has to be fixed.

  2. I do not think that you want to do a compressible simulation on a FSAE car but rather an incompressible one.

I would first make sure that the geometry is fixed, everything related to the setup can be discussed once you are done with that. Happy to jump in if you need help!



Thank you Jousef

You mean that I should make the geometry solid as a rigid body not thickened ?

Right Mohamed,

but make sure you split the geometry and if possible assemble the components for more convenient use inside the workbench (tires, frontwing, rearwing etc.)

Let me know if you have any further questions.



OK , Thank you Jousef

If there an another problem, I will inform you.

Best Regards,


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