FSAE Full Car Tutorial Problems Meshing

Hello all!

Currently trying to get the hang of Simscale and CFD at the moment. I am doing this tutorial for the FSAE Full Car analysis (Session 2): Step-by-Step Tutorial Session 2 - Full Car Aerodynamics (Part 1)

Currently I have ran the mesh and simulation. I’m pretty poor at realizing potential fail zones, as I am pretty new to this flow. However I think I am catching on! I have used almost exactly the same settings as the tutorial (MRF zones and porous media are not enabled due to difficulty with UI changes since tutorial release, but if you know how I can with this model please share!). However, I seem to have some issues with my mesh, being 507 illegal faces. I think this problem also leaks over to my run with my solution failing to converge.

I’m a little lost of where to go from here, or at least what to try and fix. I don’t have access to the CAD, but even then this was used for the tutorials for the FSAE webinar. Any help would be appreciated!

Here’s a link to my project: https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=5742576800912121178&rru=2a60722a-eb3d-425f-85dd-b3837bf124fd&sh=1116&ci=8432288a-080e-4f76-95ac-8b57136837c0&ct=MESH&mt=SIMULATION_RESULT

Screen shots:

Hey @gformula_sae!

Thanks for the detailed description of your problem. CFD Squad, could you please assist our user here and give him some tips on how to fix the meshing issue?



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