FSAE car unrealistic results



I am trying to simulate the whole fsae car. I followed the instructions given in webinar but the result are not completely unrealistic. When you look to pressure distribution it looks the same all over the vehicle (I used the same scale as in webinar), also results of lift coefficient and downforce do not look correct.

There are multiple meshes but only Formula mesh was used because the Finer mesh is too fine and therefore to much computation power is needed for simulation.

Could you inspect my project and give some suggestions or maybe solutions? Maybe there is a problem with MRF zone?

Project: https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=2794360507815344546#tab_0-0

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Hi there!

Can you tell us which Mesh/Simulation you are referring to? The @PowerUsers_CFD and me will have a look at that!




I am referring to Formula Mesh and simulation name is FSAE Car.

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Hi @sengineering!

The only thing I could find was that your geometry is not watertight (was it created by you?), there are approx. 150 illegal cells which might contribute to the values being off as well as the angular velocity for one wheel which is off by 0.9 rad/s (MRF Rear). Did you do a study and can tell by how much the values are off? Would be interesting to know in which regime we are moving. Tagging the @PowerUsers_CFD here as well.





maybe the front wing is the problem (irregularities in geometry). I will try a new simulation and see if that is the reason.

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Nope it is something else. Investigating further.


Hi @sengineering!

The second run for the “Copy of Incompressible” simulation looked good but you have to increase the maximum runtime in the simulation control.

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