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Front Wing target force values

I’m starting to design a Formula SAE Front Wing, and my first task is to define target downforce and drag values, so I can then design my aerodynamic profile, which should fit my design parameters. What values should I be looking for? In terms of force, force coefficients, pressure coefficients and velocity. Where can I read about their typical values for a Formula car? Thanks for your attention.

Hi @CarlosPrieto,

please consider the valuable post from @Ali_Arafat: Lift/Downforce calculation help

If you are interested in the simulations of Formula car simulations in general I would recommend those workshops which also deal with the design parameter you are looking for. At least to a certain extend.

F1 Workshop

Formula Student SAE Workshop

We have a lot of experts here who definitely know more about F1 cars and the design parameters per se than I do :wink: So I hope some of the guys here join this thread to help you :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend!