Freezing Dashboard


Dear SimScale Staff,

i have some problems with the new Version of Simscale.

My browser is still freezing when i work on my projects.

It makes no difference which web browser i use (safari, chrome).



Hi @mjosic and thanks for reaching out to us!

Can you tell me something about your machine configuration and the version of the browsers?

Please also read the following post: WebGL Issue. Try to follow the steps and tell me if it worked for you. If it does not work please contact me again.

Cheers and good luck!



Hello @jousefm,

ive tried clearing the cache from both browsers (Safari and chrome) but my dashboard is still crashing when i load a project and work at the “simulation” tab.

I work on a Macbook Pro, macOS Sierra 10.12.6, Safari 11.0, Chrome 61.0.

Since last year i don’t change anything on my configuration, so may be you have an another hint for me.

best wishes


Hi @mjosic!

That is weird. I have almost the same configuration as you have (macOS High Sierra 10.13) and it works perfectly fine so far. I will contact a colleague and we will try to figure out what might be going on here.




Hi @mjosic!

Can you tell me if this is OS related? Maybe you have another machine with Windows on it. Also what internet bandwidth do you have? The problem is that there are several sources that may cause such a behavior. The more information we get the better.

P.S.: Can you try Firefox or Opera and see if it still freezes for these browsers?