'fp-023b Control' simulation project by yosukegb4


I created a new simulation project called 'fp-023b - Front Aero Devices':

CFD Analysis of a formula style 2-seater car https://github.com/y-yosuke/formula-ppoino

More of my public projects can be found here.


S-Duct Post-process (ParaVIew)

Mesh and CAD Images


No Head Light - Control / Pressure Comparison - GIF Animation


Front Wing Profile Thickness 40mm → 50mm / Control - Pressure Comparison Pictures


Awesome study! Did you create the model on your own or did just modify it with your CAD tool?


Thank you, @afischer.
I designed the models on my own with Rhinoceros.


This front wheel deflector fin increases front lift force (= decreases front downforce ).


Awesome Work ! :grinning:


Thank you ! @Ali_Arafat