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Formula Student Air Intake - CFD Analysis

I’ve just attempted to run the simulation above on a plenum, it is connection to an engine hence, the csv file for the outlet condition. The simulation fails and implies to check the event log however, I can’t see the event log, it doesn’t appear below the run tab. Can anyone please look into my simulation and try find the issue?

Thanks you.

Hi @Saeedk1995!

Can have a look at the CSV files later on to see if there is anything wrong with the setup but regarding the concept: Shouldn’t the exhaust gas be transported from the four inlets to the one outlet right to the exhaust pipe? It is vice versa at the moment but I guess you want it intentionally that way?!



Hi @jousefm

if you click on the Velocity outlet and then on the tab with graph and arrow, it shows the parameters for the velocity.

Its not an exhaust system, it is an intake for a formula student car. The job of the system is to induct much air as possible into the engine. A single inlet splits into 4 outlets, the air flows through this and into the cylinders, the engine has 4 cylinders. I used a CSV file to simulate the cylinder valves opening and closing for the outlets at different times. Not sure why it is running.

Ah, got it - thought it was an exhaust manifold first :slight_smile: Will check later, keeping you up-to-date!



Hi @Saeedk1995,

The issue with your simulation is a continuity error. Your flow is being forced into the engine but is unable to flow out causing an effective net gain in fluid within the engine. This is a particular problem as your simulation type is incompressible and in a fixed volume with a controlled outlet that may not match the inlet mass flow rate. You can see why it fails, there is simply no way for the fluid to escape.

So for your case, I suggest trying out the compressible analysis type with the exact same mesh and setup and see if that works.



Hi @Get_Barried

I’ll review inlet and outlet parameters. The air flowing in isn’t compressible flow, so its just the values that i need to change to make it work I guess. Thank you very much.

King Regards,

Hi Saeed!

I did not forget you. Currently trying to run an example case! Keeping you up-to-date about the progress, that simulation certainly takes a while :smiley: I am at 1% almost an hour into it.



Hi @jousefm

Thank you, please do keep me informed. I really appreciate the support! Also to note, the inlet and outlet parameters might be wrong. My inlet pressure in 101325Pa, but i’m unsure of what my outlet values should be. Once I figure it out i’ll let you know. The engine is a vacuum though.

Many Thanks,


Hi Saeed,

shared the project with you - costs just too many core hours to finish the run but intermediate results can be displayed. For future runs I would suggest that we simplify the setup and reduce the time simulated.