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Force plot tending to infinity

Hi everyone,

I am performing a CFD study of an F1 front wing.

My mesh and boundary layer are set up to y+165 and a ratio of 0,3 with Lvl 6 refinements.
The simulation is the number 5 (f1 front wing) and as you will see I’d run 5 simulations trying to solve the next problem;

Basically my problem is in the force plot, the forces in the wings tend to infinity in some axis, and I don’t know why, because the mesh is quite good and maybe even too fine (I think), and the convergence plots of the residuals look good (in the past runs at least), but I can’t say that the simulation is well-performed if the force plots are like this because it has no physical meaning.

Could someone explain to me why is this happening? I’ve reviewed my boundary conditions and mesh and I think that I have not missed anything.


I realised that I was setting the velocity to negative instead of positive.




Thanks for also posting the solution to this Jaime! :slight_smile: Very helpful for people having the same problem!