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Force and Moment Coefficient Setting Adjustment after Run

Hi all,

I’m working on an external aerodynamic study for an FSAE rear wing, and have run into a problem where I accidentally had some wrong settings in my Force and Moment Coefficients results. This was found after a while (whoops) of running the simulation, as can be seen in the plot:

These are some SAUCY coefficients, that lead me stopping the run, changing the results in the settings to the correct ones and rerunning the simulations. However, running this seems to not change the results and sticks to the original values that were entered, which was wrong. Am I able to possibly reset this plot so I can see the values here? Just curious if this is something others have noticed or is something I am possibly not looking into correctly.

Here is a link to my project, being in Incompressible 11:

I appreciate the help in advance!

Hi Dawson,

when you continue a run it will not consider the changes you have made in the base case.
For that to be considered you will have to start a new run. This should take all of your changes into account and show the right results.

Best regards Sebastian

Hi SBlock!

Thanks so much for getting back to me, I really do appreciate you taking the time to help me out :slight_smile: .

Just to make sure I get this straight, as it seems a little weird. SimScale cannot adjust the force and moment results after it has began to run; is this due to SimScale not being able to plot it after it runs, or not able to rewrite the data here. If the latter is the case, would I be able to use software such as Paraview to digest this data?

Also, is this something SimScale looks to improve on in the future? As I know other CFD platforms are able to adjust once a run has started.

Thanks so much again!

Hello dcoats,

it’s that we cannot rewrite the plots. But as you mentioned you can use ParaView as a third-party post-processor.

But we try to improve our platform every day and this definitely is a needed feature which we will bring in the future.

Best regards Sebastian