Flow trough an airfoil


In my way to simulate flow trough an airfoil (incompresible) I fall into completely different results when simulation parameters are changed and basically I dont know which one is correct (if there is one), because the convergence plots dont look really ok in any case. Maybe some ideas how to obtain the best parameters for airfoil simulation? Thank you for your help!


Hi @ragemandav, can you just point me to which simulation(s) to be looking at? There are quite a few :slight_smile:

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Darren Lynch


Hi Darren,
Yes sorry, I ve been playing with some values. You can check simulation 6. There I tried to change some parameters and made some runs. There you may check last runs (run_p30).


Thanks for you help.
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Hi @ragemandav,

Looks like you have a bit of wall interference.

I increased the size of the mesh and my convergence is looking better but still not perfect. The angle of attack is very high, extra refinement in the recirculation zone might be needed. Sim setup looked reasonable, looks like you might have missed a ‘0’ for k in the inlet/outlet setup? or missed it I can’t remember. After that it might be down to just optimising the numerics to get full convergence.

Hope this help’s, if you still get problems just reply back here :slight_smile:

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Darren Lynch


Oh and increase the amount of iterations I think my current one looks to be converging but needs more than 1000 iterations.


Thank you for your valuable help Darren, I’m changing numeric parameters in order to improve the simulation, I will take your advice.

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No problem David, I ran a simulation last night on this and still didn’t get a ‘good’ convergence… If you also experience this my next port of call would be mesh quality as I noticed a good few obscurely shaped cells, the setup your using is very similar to the one I used for a recent project and worked well for me so I don’t believe anything is wrong there.

Hope you get sorted,