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Floating Point error in meshing


I am trying to simulate our front wing but I am getting an error message while meshing as:

“The meshing algorithm failed with a floating-point exception”

I have read posts regarding this but mostly all of them refer to this error faced during simulation whilst I am facing this error in meshing. My initial conditions are fine with pressure being 0 and k and w being non-zero quantities.

Hope you guys can help with this.

Link to my project:


Hi there, have you checked the following page regarding this issue?

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Hi @tsite ,

As mentioned earlier, I have read this post and double-checked my initial conditions also. The post suggests changes that I guess would affect the simulation and not meshing. I am getting the problem in meshing.

Hope you can help with this…



If you have a look at the meshing log of the operation, you will notice a huge number of cells in error.

It is definitely not normal for a mesh to have this huge quantity of poor cells, which indicates issues somewhere else in the setup. One common issue that I see is when the bounding box resolution is poorly set.

In short, the issue here is with these values, that seem to have been copied from a different mesh (which had a different orientation).

Make sure to use a bounding box resolution that will yield cubic cells (or close to cubic cells, at least :slight_smile: )

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Hello @RicardoParis ,

Thanks for showing this mistake. It was obviously an error from my side. I have corrected the settings and started the meshing again. Will let you know if this happens again,

Thanks again!