[FINISHED] Validating Turbulent flow around City Blocks



Wind loads prove to be a major design challenge to building designers, architects and civil engineers. The adverse effect posed by wind loads on the surroundings, makes it a necessity to mitigate them in the design process. In order to mitigate wind loads, it is necessary to first quantify them.

Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) has proved to be a very effective tool in characterizing these wind loads and subsequently mitigating them in the design process. This validation case enables the user to step into the architects’ and engineer’s shoes to deploy CFD on a generic city block and validate the results against experiments.

Input Data

  • The geometries can be downloaded here.
  • The details about setting up the validation case can be found in [1]. The section with parametrically varying height of the middle building (case C) is the central topic of this validation case.

    The boundary layer profile is represented here.

    Visualizations from [1].
    An example of implementing the boundary layer profile on the SimScale Platform can be found in this project.


This project is intended towards validating the turbulent flow-fields against experiments. Such a validation project enables the user to enhance their knowledge in transient turbulent flow physics and extend it towards applying CFD best practices. This project in validation case, in particular, can be considered to be a basis towards studying the interactions in wind loads over a large city blocks.

Vortex shedding visualization from [2].

Key Words

Validation, Wind Loads, Building CFD, Architecture, Japan Architectural Institute, OpenFOAM.

Literature & Sources


Not yet started.


Interesting Benchmark for validation of CFD and SimScale, the concept “Solve it with Simscale” is a good initiative to start working on the validation of more advanced computer simulation features on SimScale.
On the other hand, I reviewed your first reference and I see that its article corresponds to other problem (Wind Flow around the bridges profiles). The detailed information of this case (with the experimental data) is in this page, on the Case C: Guidebook for CFD Predictions of Urban Wind Environment
Carlos RamĂ­rez


Hi @Carlos_Ramirez,

Thank you very much for the positive feedback as well as for pointing out the wrong link.

It has now been updated :slight_smile:


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Status - Finished!

Finished on 17/11/17 by @Carlos_Ramirez . His project you can find here.