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Finding safety factor


Can i add a filter like adding safety factor or change range scale for post processing in the newer version of sim scale. @PowerUsers_FEA


Hey @santosh_b,

Changing the scale is definitely possible. Just give a click on the scale bar and you will be able to customize it (not only range but also some other things):

Now about safety factor. Isn’t it more of a concept than something you would show in an image?
If I recall correctly, the safety factor is given by the strength of the material divided by the maximum stress in the part. If you really want to “change the scale values” so they show the safety factor instead of von Mises stress, then ParaView’s calculator function should be able to handle that :wink: . Just remember that each material has its own strength.



Good tip to do this on the platform!

If you post-process your simulation offline with Paraview I would use the calculator fiter and use a formula for the factor of safety (FOS) like

FOS = \text{Yield stress/ v. Mises stress}




Thankyou soo much :blush:

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