Feature Refinement is not working

I am trying to simulate an old-school aircraft but cannot seem to get the feature refinement to work properly. In openfoam it always works, and here from what I read if it detects edges with less than a specific angle it should refine those regions. Regardless of what I do it is not working, and I am using the explicit meshing method. Can somebody help?

Hi @fredbauer65,

Thanks for posting your question. I see that your mesh has been generated, but the thing here is the maximum angle of 180deg which basically means that all edges will be treated as characteristics. As the maximum level is only applied to cells in areas where the normals form an angle greater than the specified resolve feature angle (in Advanced Settings), please double check this value of 89.
In this sense the topic below might be also helpful:


Hi @goncalves , those were additional setups I was trying out, in my original one the maximum angle is at 120 so not all edges are refined and the resolve feature angle was set to 30. Still no edges were being refined with this setup. I meshed again the model with this setup for you to check.

Sorry but do not seem to get it to work. Can somebody help?

Hi again @fredbauer65,

The symbol below means that you have an open sheet as geometry, not a solid body. In this sense, to correctly mesh it, please solidify this body in your favorite CAD software and then upload it back again into SimScale, creating the flow region and then the mesh.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 09.50.57


Can I not do it with an STL, thats what I use in openfoam

Can somebody help?
I also tried with a cad model in https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=4586719497335698232&mi=spec%3Abb64fcd5-dab1-43e2-98c4-16e05a5213ca%2Cservice%3AMESHING%2Cstrategy%3A7&sh=31 and feature refinement is not working

Hello, at least from the last mesh that you linked, the feature refinement seems to be working fine to me.

You can see a bunch of level 6 cells all around where the features are (i.e. these denser lines of cells).

If there a different behavior that you’d consider strange?