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FEA - Standard or Tet-dominant mesh?

Hello all,

I am working on FEA of a motorcycle chassis

I was trying to mesh it in Simscale for a FEA linear static analysis, and I was not able to successfully create a mesh with Tet-dominant mesh, but I was able to create a mesh with the standard mesh.

The Simscale support documentation is pretty good about describing what these meshes do and how they work but it does not exactly describe when one is more appropriate to use over the other. It sure would be a shame to waste a bunch of time using the standard mesh only to find out that I should have been trying to use the Tet-dominant all along…

Can anybody tell me when standard is better than tet-dominant, or tet-dominant is better than standard?

Thank you

Hey there and cool project by the way!

The standard mesher is the way to go and the one I would actually use because (and as you already noticed) the success rate of this mesher is higher and can handle problems with the geometry better - more information can be found here:



Awesome!! Thank you for your help!

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