FEA of motorcycle clutch


My project requires I apply a torque to the friction face of a clutch housing. I do not know how to do this.



Hey there!

Could you let us know what you are exactly trying to achieve with your setup?



Hello Jousef,

I own two 1975 Triumph T160 motorcycles. The clutch used in these bikes is a car part. From a mini in fact. It is a heavy cast iron piece that needs to be replaced with an aluminium or fibre reinforced nylon printed part. I need to apply three forces to the original and subsequent redesigned parts, torque, centrifugal and clutch spring force.


12 is the part of interest. The input is 19, the output 15. I have modeled 12 in Onshape.


Hi @steven_tri,

Take a look at the Remote Force boundary condition. It will allow you to apply a moment around a point and apply it to a face.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks, That works.