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FEA Master Class: Session 3 (Drop Analysis of an iPhone 6)


Thank you


Hi @jousefm

I have a bit of a problem in PP, it appears that it goes haywire when I WarpbyVector the Final Run. Any ideas? Thank you.


Managed to discover my mistake. Thanks.


Good job @AndiM :wink:

Hope you enjoyed the FEA Master Class :slight_smile:




@jousefm can you please check my project? Something wrong with my project!


Hi @npotabatti,

I will have a look at that. Can you tell me exactly what is wrong with your project?




@jousefm Solution fields and results seem to be different…


Hi @npotabatti,

the problem is your Simulation interval [s]. You need to simulate 0.002 seconds not 0.001.

Feel free to import the project into your workspace: Project

I only did the simulation with the case. You can adapt the value for the other case and you are done :wink:




Hello sir,

i had completed my all three workshop of FEA master class,but didn’t
receive my certificate of completion.

thank you


Hi @mehakkar123,

We will send them out this week :slight_smile:



I got a physical contact problem problem. I tried to reduce the coefficient to 10e+10 and smaller, still can’t solve it. Can somebody help me? Thanks




I had a look at your project and noticed that you have not added the Z-velocity to the iPhone Sub domain.

Adding a falling speed of uz = -2 m/s would mitigate the error. I have done the simulation for you here, you can copy it to your Dashboard.




Thanks for your prompt reply. You are right, my initial velocity was not correctly set. And I notice we don’t have gravitation force in this simulation. Is it because the simulation only last for a very short period of time? In addition, how do you make the first chart in this article, both with animation and plot chart.



Deepest apologies for the delayed reply to your query. Yes, you are correct. The gravitation model would not have an influence on this simulation since the velocity is pre-defined as the velocity the phone would achieve when drop from a height. Consequently, the simulation is run for a very short time before the phone impacts the ground. Additionally, this chart is made with the post-processing software Paraview.



Back to my place,seeing lot of improvement here.Helped me many times.
long live SimScale.
Thank you


Please provide the csv file for ramped timestep.
Thanks and best regards,


Hi @vineeth!

As mentioned in the step-by-step tutorial you can find the CSV here:

All the best and happy SimScaling!




Please provide the .csv file for ramped timestep.

The file you provided earlier is Aluminum material property .csv file.
The file we require is Ramped timestep to be used while simulation runs.


Hi @vishalgupta10!

Correct. There you go:

Tell me if that worked for you :slight_smile:




Great. This is the file I wanted.
Simulation is running now but I think I will work great.

Thanks for helping!