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FEA homework meshing failed


Getting this error:
“Your CAD model version does not contain all features required for mesh sizing. To enable those features, download and re-upload your model.”
Managed to download the pipe model, but unable to upload. Could you explain what is wrong?

Thank you,


Hi Dusan,

can you please share the project with us? We will have a look at that.




HI Jousef,

I deleted the copied project and created a new project where I uploaded the previously downloaded model and afterwards the meshing worked. Not sure why it could not work in the copied project, and I’m pretty sure the same thing will happen on exercise 2. Here is the link:

I also received an email stating “It seems like we could not provide you with results in one of your projects.” What does it mean? I’m not being marked for the exercise?



Hi Dusan,

having a look at this. The simulation you want to perform now is a CFD simulation and should definitely work! For the FEA simulation I am looking for a solution and get back to you as soon as I know more.

Can you reproduce the error and forward me the project link? Would be interesting to know what triggered the error message.




I’ve reproduced the problem here:

Have a look and fix it, maybe some other people will benefit from this being fixed.




I will forward this issue and let you know whenever the fix is ready.




Thank you.

Also similar and maybe related problem I have in solving the Exercise 2, link here:

I cannot even open the mesh dialog. It just hangs forever.



We’re already having a look at the issue Dusan.

I will let you know how things go - sorry for the lost productivity though! If I can do anything for you in the meantime, please let me know.





The fix of the OK button has been released and everything should work like a charm now. Looking into the geometry issue asap.




Great! Thank you!



Hello everyone!
I also got this error message but managed to solve it after 3 tries.
This is for the CFD homework with a laminar flow in a pipe junction.

  • In the first try I noticed that the “background mesh box” in the copied project was way outside the geometry. (resulting in failure)

  • In the second try I shifted the background mesh box to involve the whole geometry, the mesh box was unnecessarily big. (Failed to mesh)

  • In the third try I downloaded the geometry, deleted the geometry in Simscale and uploaded it again (STEP format). This time the background mesh box was automatically made to fit the geometry perfectly. This meshing operation was a success!

Best regards


Thanks a lot for sharing this Johan - I am sure that this will help some users! I will take care of this issue and make sure this will be fixed as well.