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FEA frame Sanity Check - Is my part hollow or not?

Hello all,

I am working on the design of a motorcycle chassis.

I modeled the frame in Onshape and imported it into Simscale. It is a simple tube-frame chassis. When the mesh is generated and I look at the cross section in Simscale, it looks hollow (only showing faces):

When I look at the cross-section in Onshape it is certainly not hollow:

How can I tell if Simscale is interpreting my part as hollow or not?

Thank you.

Hi @jlogsdon,

If you look in the mesh log you should be able to see that it was meshed with Tet elements. I think you are just seeing the effect of how simscale creates a clipping plane as will as a course mesh.

If you need anymore confirmation or have more questions please ask and you can also share the link to your project.

Good luck on your project!

Hello @cjquijano

Thank you for getting back to me… When you say that I should be able to see that it was meshed with Tet - elements… Are you talking about this: ?

If you are not referring to that, are you talking about the difference between the tet-dominant mesh and standard mesh? In that case, I was not able to get Tet-dominant to work and I had to use the standard mesher.

Finally, here is the link to my project.

I apologize if any of my questions are “newbie” questions, I’m pretty familiar with FEA in Solidworks but I am new to FEA on Simscale, although even though I am still trying to get familiar with it I think that it is mountains better than Solidworks.