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Fatal IO error in a static structural analysis

Hi guys! I’ve been having some trouble with a static simulation. I’m trying to simulate a specific environment on a turbine blade geometry. As you’ll see in the material specifications I’ve used a csv data sheet to import the data of the strain/stress curve of the material. Also I’ve used a csv file to set the pressure and rotation velocity at a constant value during 3000 seconds. Once the geometry is meshed I try to run the simulation and after a couple of seconds an error appears. As the documentation of the IO ERROR does not mention which part of the set up could be the origin of the error I haven’t been able to solve it.
This is the link of the project:

Hi @joaforme ,

Thanks for reporting. It looks like there are two things playing a role here:

  1. First, there seems to be a weird value on the last line of the stress-strain curve. Is this value correct?

  1. There is also a bug, from what I can see. I noticed that you inverted the order of the columns. The default is strain to the left and stress to the right. If I run a simulation exactly like it is right now, only deleting the last line and inverting the order of the columns, it works.

I’ll make sure to pass this along. Thanks again for reporting!


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Thank you so much Ricardo! You’re right, the last number of the first column and also the order of the columns were wrong.
Thanks again! Cheers

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