Fatal I/O Error

Hello I am trying to solve a simple scenario of a convective heat transfer with a cooling body inside data center. After setting up the simulation parameters, as I try to generate a mesh and find a solution, the system gives me a fatal I/O error. Please help me with figuring gout where the issue is.



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To begin with, this is a convective heat transfer analysis, so the block should be removed from the model in the CAD mode. Only the flow region should remain.

After I tried this, I created a mesh using a fineness level of 5. You can have a look here: https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=2394660750912710930&mi=spec%3A465781e4-4cd0-44be-a0b3-dba7451e21b5%2Cservice%3AMESHING%2Cstrategy%3A37&sh=31

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Hi. Thanks a lot for helping with that. So, when you say the box needs to be removed from the model in CAD mode, does that mean you mark the inner block as an excluded part in the external flow region…?

I tried doing that, but I get this message as follows -

Create the external flow region, and then use the “Delete” feature for bodies :slight_smile: