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Fatal I/O Error


Here is my project link I keep getting a fatal IO error message exactly after an hour of running. Have no idea where the problem lies. I am sure I have set up my case correctly.

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Hi @Targaryen!

Tagging our @PowerUsers_CFD here who might give you some feedback on your simulation setup and how to fix the error. Will also have a look at it asap! :+1:

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Hi @jousefm,

I tried to run another simulation on a different project and I ran into another fatal I/O error ! Is there a backend problem on your side ?

Here is the link

Hi @Targaryen,

Are you referring to the Transient Run? The steady-state simulation runs for both encountered separate issues. The seawater one just need a simple increase in maximum run time under simulation control. For the 2000 rpm run the log said you canceled it.

If you are referring to the Transient Run which I suspect is the one with the Fatal I/O error, you’re now performing a non-static case? If so, try setting the bounding box walls besides the outlet as Custom with velocity slip and the rest as “set gradient to zero” as for the outlet directly opposite of the inlet, set a pressure outlet with a value of 0 and see if this setup works.

Its a very remote chance that its SimScale’s issue, as most Fatal I/O errors relate to incorrect setups.

Do let me know how it goes.