FAQ on Nuada.CFD

  • What is Nuada.CFD?
    Nuada.CFD is a new urban wind modeling plugin for Rhino®, developed jointly by Thornton Tomasetti and SimScale. Architects and engineers can use the new app for microclimate design insights. It combines the powerful CAD tools in Rhino® with SimScale’s fast and accurate tools for wind and outdoor comfort studies. Users can set up, run and post-process Pedestrian Wind Comfort and Building Aerodynamics studies completely inside Rhino®.
  • How can I get access to Nuada.CFD?
    You can request access to the app here: Access the Nuada.CFD Microclimate App Plugin | SimScale
  • Do I need a SimScale License to run the app?
    No. The app does not require a full Simscale license, but you would need to buy a base package for the app to get access to it, starting at EUR 500. For detailes see the link above.
  • Does access to the App also enable access to Simscale?
    No. The license for the App will only enable usage of SimScale technology via the App interface. Users can still log into SimScale as they would be with the free community plan, but they can not start simulations or share private projects.
  • I have a SimScale account and a professional license - can I right away also use the app?
    You can reach out directly talk to your account manager and they can help you get access to Nuada.CFD.
  • How many GPUh does a typical simulation consume and how does that translate in euros?
    That is hard to generalize as it depends on the complexity of the urban model (building density and terrain) as well on the desired fineness level and the number of wind directions. Very coarse studies start at about 1 GPUh and take 15-20 min, more complex studies can take a few hours and use 20 or more GPUh for 16 wind directions in total. The cost scales linearly with the number of directions, so a 16 direction study will cost twice as much as the same study using only 8 wind directions. The cost in EUR depends on the package you bought. You multiply the GPUh number by 15, 20 or 25 to get the total cost.
  • How can I get support for using the app?
    The app license does not include the usual SimScale live support, instead use this section in the SimScale forum which is dedicated to the app support. You can also reach it by clicking on the “Question Mark button” on the top right corner of the app.
  • Is the wind data integrated in the app?
    Not yet, but it will be soon.
  • How many wind directions can we run?
    8, 12, 16 or 36 directions are currently supported. It’s important that the wind data uploaded matches the number of directions selected.
  • Is there a documentation page with all the settings available and their meaning?
    Yes: Welcome to Nuada.CFD - Nuada.CFD