'Fan Flow' simulation project by ottofreekad


I created a new simulation project called 'Fan Flow':

Fan Flow Test

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Hi @ottofreekad,

I’m new to SimScale and I hope you don’t mind if i point out few things which can be done to achieve results.

Firstly, Interesting project ! Analysis of ducted fan is always fun and challenging. I had a look at your project and looks like you are a bit stuck with the meshing. I assume you intend to perform a CFD analysis of ducted fan to see the wake created by the fan.

Since, the fan is rotating (with some rpm) and the duct along with other parts are stationary, you would have to model a disc/closed area around the fan using a CAD application and basically this region would be given a boundary condition (like angular velocity etc), once you do this operation it is ready to be upload to SimScale.

(If you want to understand the disc/closed area i’m talking about please refer to Drone Aerodynamics Workshop by SimScale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhXq69ZRvoM)

Next step would be to define a global fluid domain which encompasses all the geometries, with this it is ready to go for meshing !

Alternative option:

Since it is a bit tricky to define another surface inside the duct, I would use a simpler geometry for example, eliminating the duct/casing, but keeping the support structures for casing (if you are interested in knowing the flow interactions for supports). I think this would be a much easier option, but then again it depends if you want to know the interactions with casing as well or not.

I hope this suggestion helps you in overcoming the challenge.

Cheers !