F1 wake problem

Hi, I am performing a series of simulations of 2 F1 cars in a slipstream situation at different distances. I found an issue that I am not able to explain, which consists of a high velocity zone in front of the car when the distance between them is greater than 1 car length (1L). When the distance between the car is lower (0,5L) this problem does not appear, so the second car is clearly inmersed in the wake of the first one.
Can anybody help me? Maybe w and k are not properly defined?

I attach the project link

As well as the figures that I have obtained.


Very cool project! That’s a good question for @yosukegb4 and the rest of the @cfd_squad :slight_smile:



Hi @aguerrero ,

I checked your simulation a little bit and there were some matters I was concerned about.

  • Looking at the convergence plot, the solution does not seem to have converged.
  • The rotation axes of each wheel is higher than the model shapes.
    • This causes discontinuities in the boundary conditions and causes the solution not to converge.
  • Around the wings, the mesh is not fine enough and there are not enough gaps between the wing and the flaps.

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