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F1 first tutorial meshing errors


Received those meshing error in the F1 first tutorial:

2016-03-24 11:03
Illegal triangles were found after surface tesselation. There could be a problem with the CAD geometry. Trying to proceed anyway.
2016-03-24 11:03
The tesselated surface is not closed. There could be a problem with the CAD geometry (such as self-intersections). Please inspect your geometry. Trying to proceed anyway.

The meshing has been already running 45 minutes, not completed yet. Should I be concerned?


I’m afraid you should…

My question to you: have you set Number of computing cores to 32 in mesh operation settings?

Further, I think you don’t have to worry about the warning/error message you received. It’s quite common for more complex geometries – the ones with more complicated surfaces. What you should take a closer look at though is this part of your meshing log:


Thanks, I found my setup error elsewhere: edge refinement distance = 1 rather than 0.001. Meshed OK.