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Extracting velocity at many probe points to validate a CFD model



I am trying to complete a CFD validation of wind flow over 9 square buildings for which experimental data are available. Velocity data have been obtained at 120 different points using probes in a wind tunnel. The coordinates of these points can be seen in the attached picture. I am therefore trying to find a quick way to extract these measurements, without setting 120 probe points. Any suggestion is kindly appreciated.

My goal is also to rotate wind’s direction and complete a second validation study. For this second case, the probe points and buildings remain fixed. Therefore, I would like to know if there is a way to simply rotate wind direction (i.e. the orientation of the Background mesh box) while keeping the geometry and probe points coordinates fixed. A picture illustrating this second validation case is also attached.

I would also be happy if it was possible to set the 120 probe points manually, but then transfer their coordinates to a different simulation. Finally, do you know if it is possible to obtain those data after the simulation has been run? Or am I obliged to insert 120 probe points?

First validation:

Second validation: 29

Link to project:

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Hi Tommaso!

An option would be to use the LBM (Lattice-Boltzmann Solver) module on our platform which is available for professional users. There you can upload a CSV file which contains the spatial information of your probe points which is way more convenient than to type in everything by hand. If there’s any interest from your side to use the professional version, feel free to reach out - would be happy to assist you!



Thank you very much for your reply. I am currently using an academic package, what would be the additional cost of the LBM module? In addition, do you know how it would be possible to rotate the fluid domain without changing the geometry?


That would actually a perfect fit for the LBM module allowing up to 36 wind rose-driven directions to be simultaneously simulated!

An academic account is unfortunately not sufficient for the module to be active. I will write you a private message, check your inbox :slight_smile: