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Exportation of results from Conjugate Heat Transfer to Thermomechanical simulation

hello, I’d like to export this Conjugate Heat Transfer simulation result to Thermomechanical analysis so that I can use the pressure acting on pipes, baffles, plates and shell walls to find stresses and displacement using Thermomechanical analysis.

Hi, this is Fillia :smiley:

If I understand correctly, you want to export the pressure across a face, and use it as a “Pressure” boundary condition for your new thermomechanical simulation, right?In that case, you can do the following:

  1. Download the run;
  2. Post-Process the run in Paraview;
  3. Extract the results of the face you are interested in using Paraview;
  4. Create a .csv file using the coordinates of each point and the corresponding pressure value;
  5. Upload this as an input for your “Pressure” boundary condition.

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