Export SimScale full project to local PC for OpenFoam use


I created a CAD model to use CFD on. Unfortunately, my model is too big and uses too much RAM for SimScale’s cloud computers. This means I am unable to run CFD on my model.

Is there a way for me to download my SimScale model along with all configuration files (marking inlet/outlet ports)? I really need to finish this project!



You are able to get a version of the set up files by downloading the results of a simulation (see this article for more details). However, the OpenFOAM version that SimScale uses has quite a lot of custom code.

So if you try to simply run the simulation with the exact same set up, OpenFOAM will definitely complain about multiple variables, dictionaries, etc etc. In short, you’d have to update the entire case to your specific OpenFOAM build.


Hi, like I said before, the simulation cannot even finish running because it runs out of memory. I would therefore not be able to export results.


Naturally, as you are interested in the case files, and not in the result itself, you should be able to run the case with a very coarse mesh, and a single iteration. That should suffice.


Also interested in this.
I’ve downloaded the case file from SimScale, but OpenFOAM is complaining about some files.
Seems like you have to extract any .gz file (0 folder), and remove references to SimScale in controlDict.
Working on single-core process now (chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam)