Export Iso-Surfaces and Particle Traces to STL-File


I am wondering wether it is possible to export not only the Geometry itself but also some post-processing results such as iso-surfaces and particle traces as STL-File to visualise and build on it in e.g. a CAD-Software.

Thank you!

Hey @josilly

Perhaps this is not exactly what you mean but have a look at this video from @jousefm’s youtube channel. Some of these steps could be useful for your case,

Let us know if it works out!

Hi @josilly!

In general you can export the results as well and couple them with third party software. The one you might want to start with is ParaView. If you want to do more “sophisticated” stuff, you can refer to the video Ricardo posted. I am currently working on using other tools as well and will upload my results on the channel as soon as they are ready (using LBM solver and other simulation types).

P.S.: As for Iso-Surfaces, you can also find another video on my channel dedicated to ParaView.


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