Export data from PWC calculation to create custom PWC figures

Hi All,

I’m quite new to using SimScale so I have a question on exporting data to create my own figures.

I used SimScale to do a PWC study (NEN8100). When post processing i’m only able to create figures with fixed categories (as shown here: Wind Comfort Criteria: Lawson, Davenport, and NEN 8100 | SimScale)

What i would like to have/create are figures with the wind comfort criteria percentage instead of the activity clacification on a certain location.
The reason why I want/need this is because I exceed one of the comfort criteria and i would like to know how much I’m above the criteria.

Is it possible to export the data and post proces this in ParaView/Excel or orther open source programs? If so could someone give me quidelines on how to do this?


Hi @pbugel,

Yes, that is totally possible! Once your simulation has finished, please just select "download results"in the three traces button. You can use ParaView to post-process your data locally on your machine.

Please let me know if this helps you.


@goncalves Thank you for your reply!
I tried that yesterday already but i was not able to see any ‘raw’ percetages. Let me explain what i saw.

I imported the wind_comfort0_2.VTU file. It did contain the same information as the post process tool of Simscale (showing the NEN8100 danger level in 4 steps). But i could not find the information behind it, the percetages which determine right category.
Is the information that i would like to have part of the export data?

Second question would be if I could create these percentages myself by importing the velocities for all wind directions. Which of the export files do i need to import that contain that that information?