Evaporation simulation with Solidworks

Dear Everyone,

I am new at this forum & I really appreciate the efforts deployed here to help engineers.
Actually I am a SW user & I want to give a try for simulation to help a student!

The case is to put ammonia (boiling temperature is -34°C) in a glass tube, & put it in water recipient with an ambient temperature of 20°C. Where here happened the evaporation of the ammonia, & I want to simulate this with Solidworks , any help ?

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Hi Nassir!

Interesting study! However I would advise you to look for a dedicated forum supporting Solidworks and its features. As for SimScale no evaporation (or phase change in general) is possible at the moment but it is definitely on our roadmap. CFD Squad, if you have any knowledge in Solidworks modules and know about phase change drop your comment here.

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Many thanks jousefm I really appreciate your reply,
YEs i am trying to simulate phase change in solidworks, it is really hard to do , but I am keeping on trying , if I’ll reach any results i’ll share with you :slight_smile:

Hi @nchellou, I am nog using Solidworks currently, but I doubt phase change is supported properly in SW. I found the following artice stating that phase change are not allowed in SW2018 SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2018 Introduces Free Surface Simulation . Can you specify which version you are using and then perhaps we can still figure out whether or not it is supported.

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Hey man, many thanks for your reply,

Yes this is wha i was guessing also , i have both 2016 ( personal PC) & 2018 work PC

now I did figure out that there is a bridge between ANSYS & solidworks, with an Add-in in SW

I am tying to install now Ansys for solidworks & i’ll see what i’ll have

Many thanks man

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This cannot be done in SW Flow Sim. I work for a Solidworks reseller for my day job and teach the classes.


Thanks a lot for your input Eric :slight_smile: