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Evaporation simulation with Solidworks

Dear Everyone,

I am new at this forum & I really appreciate the efforts deployed here to help engineers.
Actually I am a SW user & I want to give a try for simulation to help a student!

The case is to put ammonia (boiling temperature is -34°C) in a glass tube, & put it in water recipient with an ambient temperature of 20°C. Where here happened the evaporation of the ammonia, & I want to simulate this with Solidworks , any help ?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Nassir!

Interesting study! However I would advise you to look for a dedicated forum supporting Solidworks and its features. As for SimScale no evaporation (or phase change in general) is possible at the moment but it is definitely on our roadmap. @CFD-SQUAD, if you have any knowledge in Solidworks modules and know about phase change drop your comment here.

All the best!


Many thanks jousefm I really appreciate your reply,
YEs i am trying to simulate phase change in solidworks, it is really hard to do , but I am keeping on trying , if I’ll reach any results i’ll share with you :slight_smile:

Hi @nchellou, I am nog using Solidworks currently, but I doubt phase change is supported properly in SW. I found the following artice stating that phase change are not allowed in SW2018 . Can you specify which version you are using and then perhaps we can still figure out whether or not it is supported.

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Hey man, many thanks for your reply,

Yes this is wha i was guessing also , i have both 2016 ( personal PC) & 2018 work PC

now I did figure out that there is a bridge between ANSYS & solidworks, with an Add-in in SW

I am tying to install now Ansys for solidworks & i’ll see what i’ll have

Many thanks man

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This cannot be done in SW Flow Sim. I work for a Solidworks reseller for my day job and teach the classes.


Thanks a lot for your input Eric :slight_smile: