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Error while doing simulation run

Hi, I am trying to to complete analysis on this rear wing layout to enable me to estimate the forces necessary to design a drag reduction system.

I am unable to run any of the final simulations on the ‘jordan’ geometry.

When I start my simulation run, after about four minutes, I get an error. The bizarre thing is that there is no error log nor anything in the event log apart from ‘Job was prepared successfully.’

None of the simulations will run and im completely stuck to as why! can anybody help?

The project is

Hi there @odickinson!

So there are several things I want to mention:

  • Your mesh finished without an illegal cell that might cause the sim to fail so that’s fine, however the bounding box is meshed in a non-isotropic way if you want to call it like that which will definitely cause troubles

  • In addition to that your domain is way too small - the boundaries will affect your flow and mess up your results up

  • Also the Maximum runtime in the Simulation Control is set to 3000 s which means that your simulation will definitely stop after hitting that mark. You should increase that section and also think about the intervals where you want to have results written, called Write Interval

A good start for you would be to have a look at an (outdated) tutorial right here covering a rear wing: Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 2 (we are working on updating the old workshop material which will take a while). If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us and we will help you out!



Hi jousef,

I tried to fix my mesh as advised. It seems to have worked in that my simulations are now running :joy:.

I have noticed my pressure residual not converging, what may be causing this?

The force plots that i am getting are converging quite well? Does this mean the residual can be ignored?

It is under a different project with a more appropriate name for my situation :joy:

Thanks so much


Having a look at it later on @odickinson! :slight_smile:



Hi Otis,

convergence plot and force plot look nice to me now you could try to perform a convergence study and vary the fineness of the mesh/domain to see if that affects the force plot(s).

Also make sure that you increase your runtime and take our new update into account which allows you to continue runs when unconverged. More information can be found here: Platform Update 12/2018