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Error while creating mesh

I’ve made a geometry in the design module of solidworks and imported to SimScale in a IGS format and got this error.

Sheet bodies detected.

The model contains sheet bodies (surface data). It is recommended to solidify all parts of the model as otherwise unexpected meshing behavior can appear.

Here is the link of my project

Can anyone help me out in solving this? and let me know whether i can add a new material library @PowerUsers_FEA

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Hi @santosh_b!

First of, this is an incredibly nice project :slight_smile: Hats off! However there are plenty of intersections inside of the model that I would fix first. On top of that you can defeature plenty of stuff from your CAD that is actually not relevant for the simulation (for instance the inscribed features that can be removed and cause unnecessary fine meshing). About your message, please consider reading this thread here: Sheet Bodies Detected - why?

About the setup: Theoretically you “could” perform an analysis on a quarter of the model although it is not 100% symmetrical considering the components in the middle. What’s the purpose of this analysis? Full-body investigation?

Also is it really a static simulation you want to perform or a dynamic one with impact? Just curious here. You can find some simulations from drones in the public projects section covering static as well as dynamic simulations but also CFD related ones.

Let us know if you have any further questions or doubts.



Hii @jousefm
Thanks for the swift response!
I will check with your feedback and right in the moment just static analysis is enough for me. can i add some new material like carbon fiber in the material library? @PowerUsers_FEA

Hi @santosh_b,

To add a new material, you first have to pick one of the materials in the built in library and then you can modify the properties however you like.

Simscale only supports isotropic materials.

Please let me know if you have more questions.


Thanks! will check it and come back to you soon. @cjquijano