Error when viewing downloads in paraview

Hey I’ve run a simulation and downloaded the .pvd file for it from simscale. But when I try to open it in preview it says

ERROR: In /opt/glr/paraview/paraview-ci/build/superbuild/paraview/src/VTK/IO/XML/vtkXMLReader.cxx, line 305
vtkXMLMultiBlockDataReader (0x7fa0ca3982d0): Error opening file /Users/myName/Downloads/sim_0.vtm

For reference I’m on macOS with the latest download from Any idea what could be causing this? Thank you.


I noticed that the logs are saying “Error opening file /Users/myName/Downloads/sim_0.vtm”. Which file are you trying to load in ParaView?

For FEA cases, the correct file to open is case.pvd (see this article for reference).

If you can post a link to the project it would also be appreciated - I can try to open the result set on my end as well.


Hey thanks for replying. Here is the link to the project: SimScale.

I have been opening the case.pvd file. But on opening it displays that error for some reason. I opened the case.pvd file in a text editor and it had a list of vtm files. called sim_0 to sim_30.

I tried to download the results from the latest run (Run 9) and open the case.pvd file in ParaView. It seems to work fine to me:

I’m using ParaView 5.7 (I believe the latest beta version is 5.9). Perhaps it’s worth giving it a shot with one of the older and more stable versions?


I found the issue. On safari simscale was not giving me a zip of all the files, only the executable .pvd file. I switched to chrome and it is working fine now.

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