Error when deleting the bodies of a wing in flow simulation

Hello I am trying to do an external fluid flow simulation of a distributed electric propulsion aircraft (DEP) wing. Think just a wing but add a few small electric motors that stick out the front, not important though.

I uploaded the Solid works file into SIMSCALE, created the external flow region, delete the bodies of the wing, then move over the the simulation.

My issue occurs when I go to turn the wing into a wall as shown at 12:42 of this SIMSCALE tutorial how to do flow over a wing in simscale - Google Search

I hide the flow region to expose the wing and all I find is all the edges of the the wing and motors. This does not allow me to select the wing and make a wall out of it.

Project link:

Anyone have experience with this issue? Any help is appreciated.

Hi ccarlson,

nice project you haver there,
for selecting the faces, just right klick on the walls of the wind tunnel and select hide faceXXX then you will be able to see the Wing and be able to select the faces of the wing.

It should look like this:

Then just hide the face and select the wing