Error producing incompressible flow simulation due to facet error

Error saying - “Automatic face split of facet bodies produced faces made of a single triangle. Please consider cleanup operations in your CAD tool.”

I am unsure what this means but last time I tried meshing with this error, it wouldn’t produce one.

Hello @oemerald , and thanks for posting your question on the Forum!

It seems like related to these steppings near the trailing edge of the wing. These parts will be problematic when you get to the meshing stage, that’s why you may want to remove those before importing your model.

Another flow you can follow is to use healing operations in SimScale CAD mode. Face/Delete operation with heal method can be helpful to remove these small faces and create a smooth upper and lower wing surface.

As a side note, you may want to create a finite thickness at the trailing edge, since sharp edges there tend to cause bad mesh quality as well.

Thanks, Kaan

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Thank you!

I am new so this is quite helpful to me.

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