Error occurred when creating mesh

Tried meshing my geometry twice and it failed both times. The error occurred both times after around 1 hour and the only response is to check the meshing log, contact SimScale, or post on the forums. There’s no meshing log generated so that option is out.

My geometry is large and has a lot of faces. My thought is that this, combined with my Community License, means that the upload is timing out but the error is not saying this. Anyone know if that idea has any merit?

Hi there, this is Fillia :smiley:
Would it be possible that you also share the link to the project please?


Thank you for your reply! Here is the link to the project.

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Hi again, would it be possible to export your CAD model as STEP or Parasolid? These work the best for all analysis types apart from LBM and PWC. :smiley:

Hi, Im also getting this same issue with my model. my model was imported from onshape. Please help. SimScale here is the link for your reference

My mesh first failed due to out of memory, then I got the mysterious An Error Occurred message. How do I move forward?