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Error occured for wind simulation with large mesh

I got a Error. It said just ‘an error occurred’ without any explanation.

Before this project, I finished the simulation perfectly (same file).

But l needed another version of simulation (no boundary mass version),
so i fixed the file in cad beta (deleted the solid) then do run the simulation same condition.
And then i got an error.

succeeded file is in same link ,
in there,
that category name is ‘my place A-2-1 : Run2’

Could you check both two??

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Hi there, thank you for using the forum!
I just checked your case, and my first recommendation would be to follow the example of this project, that uses an Enclosure and the standard mesher:
To help you with this , I copied your project and create an Enclosure here:
Give the standard mesher a try, and let me know how it goes :slight_smile: Keep in mind that you are using a complex model with many edges and details, so it is normal that it takes some time to be meshed. Check the estimations before the generation of the mesh:

Best regards,